Happy to announce my client going through her first round of IVF had 7 eggs successfully retrieved. They all fertilized and made it to blastocyte (day 5) stage; four of the precious embryos are eight celled and other three have seven cells. One embryo will be transferred tomorrow, the other 6 will be frozen and are referred to as 'Frosties'.

I will give her fertility acupuncture prior to the transfer to help calm her mind, thicken the endometrial lining and prepare the uterus for the embryo to implant. After the transfer I will give her another acupuncture session to prevent any uterine cramping, increase the chances of the embryo embedding successfully and reduce the chance of miscarriage. Then its a waiting game to see what her hormone and blood levels are telling us. Fingers crossed for a successful pregnancy and a healthy happy baby! :) I recommend weekly acupuncture for the first trimester of her pregnancy or to prepare for her future frozen embryo transfer if required.

Here is an interesting research article stating that shows women having IVF treatment can boost their chances of falling pregnant by 65 per cent simply by having acupuncture.