I was treating some of the mum's of these babies with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for natural FERTILITY support, after miscarriage/s, endometriosis affecting fertility, ICSI, donor egg from America (partners sperm), same sex IVF with donor sperm (she got 18 embryos!) and donor sperm for a full power solo mum (an absolute beauty - didn't meet the right man so did it on her own).

It's been a beautiful and rewarding journey supporting these strong brave woman and seeing them achieve their dreams.

Some of these Bub pics are from  mum's who came for treatment during their PREGNANCY for different things such as nausea, hip pain. anxiety, hay fever and labour preparation.

There are 100's of pregnant ladies that came through the clinic this year. Its been an honour supporting each one of them and hearing  their unique story.

For woman who are still trying, don't give up - persistence often pays off. 
Happy new year- here's to more dreams coming true in 2018!

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