My 45 year old client had been trying to conceive with her loving husband on and off for ten years. She had tried IVF once and her body didn't respond well to the medication (it really affected her moods and caused significant weight gain) and she vowed never to go down that road again or consider donor eggs/embryos. She had a low AMH and many doctors and specialists told her she was 'to old', to give up and that her only chance was IVF/ assisted reproduction.

I treated her weekly for 6 months with acupuncture in conjunction with her seeing a fertility naturopath. Her fertility acupuncture treatments focused on boosting kidney energy (which is the essence of fertility, reproduction, growth and egg/gamete quality) as well as addressing underlying factors such as 'Spleen dampness' relating to her to her weight, low energy and poor immune system. In 2014,  she conceived naturally at 45 years and had a healthy 4.18kg baby in March 2015!!