Breastfeeding can be really hard sometimes, both physically and emotionally.

Acupressure is a powerful and simple way to crate balance in the body. You have over 350 different acupuncture (same as acupressure) points on the body. Each point has different effects on your body and mind.

Below are some easy do it yourself acupressure points you can use at home to help improve supply and your let down response.
This can be further improved by taking Chinese herbal medicine (in capsule form) and getting acupuncture treatments to boost your supply and get your milk flowing more smoothy so your precious bub can get the nutrients they need to develop well.

GB21(Gall Bladder 21)

Encourages let down response

Reduces shoulder tension


Energy, immune and milk supply

St36 (Stomach 36)

Boosts energy, increases milk supply

It increases Qi (energy) and blood

You can press it on your bub to help settle their stomach and boost their immune systems too!


LR3 (Liver 3)

-This spot is good for postnatal depression, mastitis, stress, mood swings, and encouraging the let down response

-Resolves emotional and physical stagnation and blockages

-Reduces inflammation


 CV17 Conception Vessel 17

Hold this point for 3 mins, take slow deep breaths. It can help with let down response and reduce anxiety :-)


-A study in 2008 found that Stimulating Small Intestine point 1 effectively increased lactation quantity and pro-lactin levels, a hormone that releases breast milk.
( Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sept 2008)


 Another study in 2012 looked at the effect of acupressure on milk volume of breastfeeding mothers.

It can be conducted that both acupressure and general education methods were effective on increasing the milk volume of breastfeeding mothers. The acupressure method was more effective.

Hence, the application of acupressure to increase breastfeeding is suggested.

If you have any blocked milk ducts, try to have an acupuncture session immediately with a AHPRA registered practitioner- it may dissolve the blocked ducts swiftly, preventing mastitis (I offer home visits in Sydney’s inner west). If you have any signs of fever go see your GP as soon as you can - you may already be at the stage that requires antibiotics.

Best wishes for you and your baby,

Emma xx