My 2018 August holiday in BC and Alberta, Canada (West coast) was LUSH!
It was Autumn and I went on a two week ROAD TRIP in the rocky with friends who live over there. We visited Kootenay, Banff and Glacier national parks as well as Whistler and Squamish (a rock climbing Mecca). It was like living in a national geographic magazine!
On the first day my friends took me to Radium THERMAL POOLS / hot springs and I had an lovely reflexology treatment. All the self care really helped with the jet lag. 

A family of ELKS walked through our campground in Banff, which was a highlight for me. As well as the glacial lakes, rivers, lichen, maple flavoured thick cut bacon (!!), cranberry and protein salads, pulled pork, good kombucha and large  punnets of delicious blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.
We did lots of camping, rock climbing and hiking in enchanted forests, read books and hung out in cool cafes (heaps of my favourite things). I stayed in an converted church which now an amazing guest house in Revelstoke. Canada was heavenly and I recommend going if you ever get the opportunity!

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