On July 26th 2017 an article was published in Sydney Morning Herald showing male sperm has declined by 60% over the last 40 years! Due to poor lifestyle, diet, mobile phones and the high stress and pollution that comes with modern day life. This reflects the decline of men's overall health. The quality, quantity and morphology (shape) can be improved with lifestyle and dietary changes, regular acupuncture and the support of Chinese herbs and supplements.

Sperm take about 3.5 months to renew.

Improve your sperm's health by:

Avoiding excessive heat and compression of testicles

No smoking, recreational drugs or alcohol (Think of it like a mid-life detox; if you improve your health you also improve the health of your sperm)

Do not use laptops on your lap or keep mobile phones in your pocket

'Clean the pipes' regularly every 2-4 days

Wear loose fitting cotton underwear (boxers)

Stay hydrated

Exercise regularly

Eat a balanced diet full of nutrient dense

Get adequate sleep (disturbed sleep decreases sperm production)

Take a fertility male multivitamin. I recommend Mygen (which we stock in the clinic)

Regular acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs can improve sperm quality

Fun sperm facts!

About 300 million sperm mature every day

Sperm cells are the smallest cell in the body and egg cells are the largest

Sperm is ejaculated at 45kms per hour!

They can swim 20cm per hour and live for 2-3 days in the women

Male fertility smoothie

Cacao nibs/ powder- contains l'arginine which increases blood flow to reproductive organs and boosts libido. Can be used to improve the quality of sperm, increasing the the chance of achieving a fertilised egg

Walnuts- omega 3 help fertility by regulating hormones in the body and increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Goji berries- high in anti-oxidants

Maca root powder- (1 teaspoon) regulates hormones, boosts libido

Banana- Vit B and magnesium

Almond milk or coconut water