In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is a ground-breaking treatment that assists nature in bringing together the egg and the sperm to facilitate conception. Acupuncture can help provide physical and emotional support leading up to and throughout an IVF, IUI or ICSI cycle, as well as optimising your chances of getting pregnant, having a safe pregnancy and live birth.


  • Improving egg quality

  • Increasing blood flow to ovaries and uterus

  • Decreasing stress & anxiety levels

  • Stabilising hormone levels

  • Improving blood and energy flow to the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes

  • Improving the quality and thickness of endometrium

  • Improving sperm count, motility and morphology

  • Improving your sleeping patterns

  • Support during embryo transfer-R educing chance of miscarriage


Weekly acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs, ideally least three months before beginning a IVF cycle. This gives your body the best chance of producing good quality eggs and sperm, prepares the uterine lining, balance the hormones and reduce any stress or anxiety. Even if you start treatments the day of embryo transfer, acupuncture will still increase your chance of a successful pregnancy.

During your cycle there are certain times when acupuncture has shown to be useful:

During the stimulation/medication phase
1 - 2 treatments per week to improve follicle development, reduce side effects of the medication and improve the uterine lining.

After egg collection
Treatment within 1- 2 days reduces any local trauma or cramping, calms the mind and enriches uterine lining for the arrival of your embryo.

Before embryo transfer 
Circulates blood to the uterus and calms the mind.

After embryo transfer 
Prevents uterine cramping, increases implantation success, reduces the chance of miscarriage and calms the mind.

Weekly after transfer
Reduces risk of miscarriage, calms the mind and reduces anxieties and supports your developing embryo. Weekly sessions are recommended during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Acupuncture also helps create emotional balance, well being, and self confidence. Women often report feelings of optimism about their IVF cycle, feel less anxiety post-transfer, and enjoy a increased sense of control over their part in the IVF process.