The Chinese New Year greeting in Cantonese kung hei fat choi, literally ‘greetings, become rich!'

Chinese New Year celebrations goes for two weeks! Feb 5th- 24th, 2019.
The animal that governs this year is the Pig, who is the 12th of all the zodiac animals. 

The Pig's element is Earth, which is related to self confidence, harmony, hard work and stability.
The two other elements to maintain balance for the Pig this year are Fire and Metal.   

Yellow, Late Summer, Sweet, Spleen /Stomach, Solar Plexus

Red, Summer, Bitter, Heart/ Small Intestine, Heart Chakra

White, Autumn, Spicy, Lungs/ Large Intestines, Throat Chakra

In Chinese culture, pigs are a symbol of wealth and 2019 is predicted to be a great year to invest and prosper!

Friendship and romance:
2019 is thought to be full of joy, a year of love and friendship for all the zodiac signs. Some friendships will end this year as they no longer serve you and create space for new healthy connections, more relevant to where you are in life.

Lucky colours:
Red, white, pink, orange, grey and yellow

One must pay particular attention to diet and lifestyle this year to stay healthy and balanced.
Ideally one must practice a sport or regular physical activity.
Avoid late night eating and over eating.

Yellow and golden foods harmonise the Earth element; sweet potato, pumpkin, cabbage, corn, carrots, squash, tofu and chestnuts.

Use pungent foods such as black pepper, garlic, fennel, ginger leek, onion, cinnamon and nutmeg to aid digestion.

Eat lots of soups and salads. Use lots of fresh herbs, roast veges, cooked protien, to balance the coldness of a raw salad. Avoid too much fried, cold, dairy and sugary foods as they affect the functioning of your digestive fire.

2019 is thought to be an auspicious year as the Pig attracts success in all the spheres of life. 

This is a great time to set (re-set) your intentions for 2019. 
For those of you who had a crappy start to the year since January, think of this a fresh start and new beginning (Yessss!).
Happy new year!
P.S. Apparently it's good luck to eat dumplings during New Year! Maybe just a couple not a dozen! ;-)