Another summer is upon us, in Chinese medicine this is the most Yang (outward, energetic and expansive) season. The winter is for hibernation and building deepest energy reserves and summer is for socialising. As always, its important to maintain the balance between the Yin and the Yang; the inactive (downtime) and the active (social butterfly).

I do love a gin, soda, cucumber, berry and lime cocktails, posh wine and I do love to party. I also love exercising, meditating, reading, feeling fantastic, energised and happy, so yeah again it’s about finding that sweet lifestyle balance.

I never drink beer as it makes me very bloated or drink alcohol during the week as I want to have a sharp brain and good energy for my client’s acupuncture treatments. Over the decades (OMG I can’t believe I’m 40!) I’m drinking SO much less. One of the reasons is due to the much slower recovery time and the fact that I really like feeling good on Sundays and throughout the week!

You guys probably didn’t know this, but one of the reasons I chose to work in the health industry was so I’d be forced to walk my talk and be super healthy (I used to smoke ciggies too=gross!). Another reason I got into Chinese medicine over 15 years ago is because acupuncture helped me quit smoking.

Here are some of my hot tips (through life experience) on how to to let your hair down, have a wild time and not binge drink or damage your liver.


  1. Eat food first before going out for drinks!!! The amount of smart adults I know who often forget to do this astounds me!

  2. Hydrate throughout the night. My mum taught me after every 1-2 drinks of booze, to have a glass of water. This is great advice as it helps your liver flush the toxins you are ingesting. I often have a (posh) gin, lime and soda and then hydrating soda and limes. Nobody knows the difference, so there is no social pressure. As I’m getting older at parties, I’m often running around with a jug of water forcing my people to hydrate (they thank me for it the next day).

  3. Make a big jug of vitamin water (add raspberries, cucumber and lemon) to drink and serve. Tastes delicious.

  4. Pace your drinking!

    White wine spritz ie white wine and soda water to slow down your booze ingestion. I do this all the time and also add ice so it’s super chilled. FYI it’s a traditional Croation way to drink wine, so therefore very European ;-)

    If you are at a house party/ bbq scenario where you can make your own drinks, just Make weaker cocktails e.g. heaps of soda lime ice and a light splash of gin (not 1-2 shots per drink).. it tastes yummy and this way you can have lots of drinks and still feel good! Maybe it sounds lame but you’ll thank me tomorrow.

    Kombucha occasionally i drink this at parties, most people don’t even notice it’s not beer due to the dark brown bottle, so i don’t get that social pressure to drink.

  5. Drink less! Australian binge drinking culture is outta control. How about you have a couple of drinks and then hit the sodas and feel great on Sunday? It helps reduce feelings of depression, insecurities, fatigue, bloating, headaches. There is a social mentality that one must always have a drink in their hand at a party (i call bullshit!)… so why not at some point in the night switch that to H20? Or at least throw in a few waters over the night. You’ll save money, feel better and stay svelte ;-)

  6. If you want to maintain a healthy weight and you do want to enjoy a few drinks, I recommend white spirits, such as vodka or gin with soda and lime. They have way less calories. Skip the tonic, coke and lemonade mixers as they are full of refined sugar. Wine and beer are full of calories and are a fast way to feel bloated and gain unwanted weight around the belly.

  7. Don’t drink! Although you wouldn’t be on this page if you were straight-edge though right? But it would help prevent a hangover, so I had to throw it in.



LI 4 Large Intestine 4

This point is located in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger; find the highest point on the fleshy mound when thumb and index finger are close together. Use a pincer grip to to hold this point which should feel about 1cm or more in diameter.

This famous point is thought to reduce headaches and release natural endorphins.

LR3 Liver 3 (pic coming)

This point is located on the top of your foot about two finger widths above the space where your big toe and the second toe join.

The point may feel tender to touch and can help release toxins, stress, tension and feelings of anger or irritability. Perfect to get rid of that nasty hangover.

Drink warm lemon water; this will help harmonise the Liver organ system in Chinese medicine it correlates to a sour flavour.


PC6 (Pericardium 6)

3 finger breadths up from the inner wrist crease, in between the two tendons. Easier to find if you lightly clench your hand and roll your fist inwards. Hold the point with opposing thumb and take deep breaths for 2-3 minutes.

This point has helps to reduce nausea and anxiety which you may feel after a big night!


-Drink lemon water, this will help flush the liver.
-Hit the hydralites such as Hairy Lemon or Berocca to boost your B vitamins.
-Eat lots of vegetables, especially dark leafy greens and protein.
-Avoid to much dairy or gluten as this may cause more inflammation.
-Go for a walk or some other form of exercise, this will help get your Qi flowing and moving again and prevent stagnation.
-Swimming in the ocean is a great solution and then have a cheeky nap!
-An acupuncture session is also a great way to resolve a hangover and help flush toxins and release sweet, sweet endorphins.

Have a great summer everyone and book online for your summer tune up! :-)
Xo Emma!