Fertility Acupuncture treatments help create the optimum environment to nurture a successful pregnancy and produce a healthy baby. Acupuncture is an effective and safe treatment method which helps to build a fertile environment by boosting Qi (energy) and blood; balancing the internal organs and meridians (energy pathways), and calming the mind. Fertility acupuncture treatments help clear any emotional or physical blockages you may have, thereby enhancing your overall health, well-being and chances of conceiving naturally. The benefits of acupuncture are cumulative and work on balancing the mind, body and the spirit.

To grow a garden, you need to have good quality, nutrient-rich soil, sunlight, and water to produce healthy plants. If you imagine trying to grow seeds without these elements it is unlikely that they will grow or thrive. Having regular acupuncture sessions is like 'preparing the soil' or uterine lining to be thick and nutrient rich. When the time comes it is much more likely your precious fertilised egg will embed and grow in the natural fertile soil you have prepared. 

Seven Fertility Boosting Benefits of Acupuncture:

  1. Reduces stress, which regulates hormones.
  2. Regulates the menstrual cycle and ovulation, making family planning easier.
  3. Improves blood flow to ovaries, thereby increasing ovarian response.
  4. Improves ovarian function, which encourages production of follicles & enhances egg quality.
  5. Increases blood flow to the uterus, encouraging a thicker endometrial lining, which enhances the chances of successful implantation.
  6. Lessens adverse side effects from hormonal treatments.
  7. Helps prevent miscarriage & increases your chances of producing a live birth and healthy baby.

When Should You Use Acupuncture for Infertility?

If you are thinking about preconception care it is advisable to start preparing now, to create a most favourable fertile environment. The follicles growth phase begins about 90 days before the egg is released. Due to this fact, weekly treatments are recommended three to four months prior to conception or commencement of an IVF/ICSI/IUI, in order to prepare the uterine lining, balance hormones, reduce anxiety and give your body the best chance of producing good quality eggs. Depending on your individual diagnosis treatment frequency varies. Even if you can’t start treatments 90-120 days before, acupuncture will still have a positive effect on your fertility regardless of when you start.