Pregnancy nausea can be a living hell and feel like an eternal evil hangover! I'm sorry you are suffering and on this page looking for solutions. It's a very personal journey and is important to find what works for you and your body at the time. Remember this experience is not forever.

1. It is important to have REGULAR SNACKS to regulate your blood sugar levels. Try snacking on almonds, crackers, miso soups (the Spiral brand sachets with seaweed are really good), noodles, pasta, dried fruit, yogurt and white bread!

Sugary foods should be avoided as your blood sugar levels will spike> carbs are better. Eat easy to digest foods- slow cooked, baked veges (good to prep a heap of baked veges to graze on during the week), raw fruit, well cooked grains and soups.

3. STAY HYDRATED try fresh chilled coconut water, chamomile tea, ginger tea, ginger ale or apple cider vinegar with warm water and honey. Some women love sucking on ice cubes (try coconut ones too if you like that flavour).

4. Using peppermint or vanilla in an aromatic oil burner at home or work can help alleviate odour sensitivities.

5. If you feel better when you REST then do it more! Hopefully the symptoms pass after the first trimester you can be more active at work and life again.

5. Acupuncture and acupressure can help resolve morning sickness naturally:



This point (Pericardium 6) is located 3 finger breadths up from your wrist crease, in between the two tendons.  If you put your hand into a fist and pull it towards you, it makes it easier to find the point.

Hold this spot with your opposing thumb and take some slow, deep breaths. Hold for 1-3 minutes several times a day when you feel nausea (either wrist is fine).

It helps to resolve the 'Rebellious Qi' ( a Chinese medicine term which means the stomach energy which is meant to descend is rising up due to all the changes happening in your uterus). This special acupuncture point perfectly safe in pregnancy and can also help to resolve anxiety.

Hope it helps!


Emma xx