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Acupuncture babies from 2017 :-)

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Acupuncture babies from 2017 :-)

I was treating some of the mum's of these babies with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for natural FERTILITY support, after miscarriage/s, endometriosis affecting fertility, ICSI, donor egg from America (partners sperm), same sex IVF with donor sperm (she got 18 embryos!) and donor sperm for a full power solo mum (an absolute beauty - didn't meet the right man so did it on her own).

It's been a beautiful and rewarding journey supporting these strong brave woman and seeing them achieve their dreams.

Some of these Bub pics are from  mum's who came for treatment during their PREGNANCY for different things such as nausea, hip pain. anxiety, hay fever and labour preparation.

There are 100's of pregnant ladies that came through the clinic this year. Its been an honour supporting each one of them and hearing  their unique story.

For woman who are still trying, don't give up - persistence often pays off. 
Happy new year- here's to more dreams coming true in 2018!

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5 Tips to Reduce Morning Sickness


5 Tips to Reduce Morning Sickness

Pregnancy nausea can be a living hell and feel like an eternal evil hangover (without the party)! I'm sorry you are suffering. It's a very personal journey and is important to find what works for you and your body at the time. T

1. The most important thing to do is to become a ‘SNACK QUEEN.’ Keep something in your stomach at all times to regulate your blood sugar levels. Set an alarm every two hours to remind you. It doesn’t have to be healthy or big just something, even if it’s potato crisps.

Try snacking on almonds, crackers, miso soups (the Spiral brand sachets with seaweed are really good), noodles, pasta, dried fruit, yogurt, and white bread!

Sugary foods should be avoided as your blood sugar levels will spike> carbs are better. Eat easy to digest foods- slow cooked, baked veges (good to prep a heap of baked veges to graze on during the week), raw fruit, well cooked grains and soups.

Don’t feel bad if you hate eating vegetables and you normal diet, you can eat them for the rest of your life, the main thing is to get through this rough patch. Trust me, your passion and identity with food will return.

2. STAY HYDRATED try fresh chilled coconut water, chamomile tea, Hydralite ice-blocks , ginger tea, ginger ale or apple cider vinegar with warm water and honey. Some women love sucking on ice cubes (try coconut ones too if you like that flavour).

3. SMELLS- using peppermint or vanilla in an aromatic oil burner at home or work can help alleviate odour sensitivities. If you are vomiting into the toilet, put some peppermint drops down the loo beforehand, so you have something better to smell. Some people find smelling medical swabs does the trick, as it overrides any other scent.

4. If you feel better when you REST then do it more! Delegate as much as possible and create boundaries with your social life.

Hopefully the symptoms pass after the first trimester you can eat greens and feel human again.

5. Regular acupuncture and acupressure can help resolve morning sickness naturally:


This point (Pericardium 6) is located 3 finger breadths up from your wrist crease, in between the two tendons.  If you put your hand into a fist and pull it towards you, it makes it easier to find the point.

Hold this spot with your opposing thumb and take some slow, deep breaths. Hold for 1-3 minutes several times a day when you feel nausea (either wrist is fine).

It helps to resolve the 'Rebellious Qi' ( a Chinese medicine term which means the stomach energy which is meant to descend is rising up due to all the changes happening in your uterus). This special acupuncture point perfectly safe in pregnancy and can also help to resolve anxiety. If you get acupuncture there are heaps more points to address your nausea.

Good luck! Emma xx



Acupressure & Moxibustion for Pregnancy Anaemia

The acupressure point, ST36 (Zusanli), is one of the 11 heavenly acupuncture points. It is located on both legs, four finger widths down from the bottom of your kneecap, along the outer boundary of your shin bone, you will feel a small indent/depression there.

Press on either or both points for up to 3-5 minutes at a time. You can do this several times a day if you wish. This point helps to increase your Qi, strengthen the Stomach and Spleen, improve your digestion and increase Blood production. Well done!


Moxibustion (moxa), also known as mugwort, is an ancient herb which facilitates iron absorption. You can do moxibustion over ST36 for 5 minutes a day for ten days and your iron & energy levels should increase. Come in for a consultation and acupuncture treatment, and I will show you which special & safe techniques to use.




Acupuncture, Pregnancy & Anaemia.

In traditional Chinese medicine, iron deficiency anaemia is usually diagnosed as a Qi (energy) & Blood deficiency. As your precious baby grows, there is a huge demand placed on your body to produce extra Qi and Blood...