It can be overwhelming all the fertility information you are given. I believe the main thing is to keep it simple...EATING NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS WILL ENHANCE YOUR NATURAL FERTILITY!


Treat your body like you are already pregnant.

Each meal should contain a balance of protein, good fats and something fresh (ideally veggies).

Eat plenty of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Have one large green salad a day (add yummy protiens and dressings).

 Ideally nothing from a packet or foods which contain ingredients you don't recognise.

Ideally eat organic- meat is the most important to choose organic as they pump so many hormones into the animals.

Avoid caffeine, dairy, soy (tofu and soy milk), refined sugar and processed foods (you should lose weight and feel so much better, ready for your pregnancy and precious baby).

There are plenty of great alternatives- try Nutty Bruce Almond and coconut milk in the fridge section of most supermarkets. Craving sugar? Eat a handful of fresh berries and a few nuts, or half a red capsicum. Once you've cut out refined sugar you will start to notice how sweet whole foods taste.


Organic eggs

Nuts and seeds- walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds (white and black) and sunflower seeds

Lentils and other beans

Fish- mostly cold water fish (Alaskan salad and cod) avoid deep water fish like tuna and swordfish and they contain high levels of mercury

Gluten free grains- buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa etc

Leafy greens - including spinach, rocket, lettuce, cabbage, watercress, kale, Asian greens, broccoli and fresh herbs

Colourful foods which are in season - eat a wide variety


All alcohol

Caffeine- even one cup a day can cause hormone imbalance

Soy products- they can also cause hormone imbalances

'Fat free foods' they are usually highly processed and high in sugar

Genetically modified foods and highly processed foods

Refined carbs- white bread, pasta and white rice

I am a nationally registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and Fertile Life Method practitioner, with years of experience in this field. My clinic is based in Sydney's inner west and I'm here to help you on your unique journey to achieve your optimum health and fertility goals.