'Where the mind flows, energy goes'

I first read Shakti Gawain's, Creative Visualisation book when I was about 18 years old. This particular mediation really resonated with me. Two years later when I was in Darwin, about to head overseas for an long holiday/adventure, which turned out to be 3 months in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and 6 months in India (I ended up living in the Himalayas with my German BF!) then England, Holland and Germany.

Anyway, I was going overseas the next day with 5 friends and really wanted to read her book again...I was at Darwin's famous Mindil Beach markets and found a lovely woman selling heaps of cool clothes this exact book secondhand.

It was perfect a perfect coincidence and great to take with me on my wild travels. Everything I have visualised has eventually manifested...look at my dream job helping beautiful people and practicing Chinese medicine for example. Yes, it's involved lots of hard work but setting goals and intentions is the first step. It's powerful stuff. Patience, trust and surrender are helpful ingredients. Let me know if you enjoy this meditation and please tell me when you get what you asked for. 

xx Emma.

The New Moon is a great time to do this meditation..it's all about beginnings and planting new seeds...

Pink Bubble Meditation:
This mediation is simple, enjoyable and effective. Firstly turn off your phone, then lie down in a comfy, safe place. Take some deep breaths and let go of any tension or fast thoughts. Gradually relax your body and mind and go deep into a relaxed state.

Conceptualise some things or experiences that you would like to manifest in your life.

For example a car, a home, a person, a pet, god health, romance, child, family, emotion, holiday, home, career venture, community... it's entirely up to you...get creative!

Imagine these wonderful dreams as if they already exist.
Enjoy how these gifts will make you feel, get into the details, the smell, the touch..spend a few minutes here..
Imagine the positive feelings associated with achieving these desires as clearly as possible in your mind.

Think big and look further down the track at how you want your life to unfold.

Love what you are creating and trust it already exists! You are 100% aligned.

Now, in your mind’s eye surround your visualisation and dreams within a pink bubble.
The final step is to let go completely of your pink bubble and imagine it sailing off into the universe, still containing your beautiful vision. This symbolises that you are free of attachment.

Your intentions are now clear and free to float around the universe, attracting and gathering positive energy for its manifestation.

Now you can continue with your life and know that wonderful things are coming your way! xx

This meditation was crafted by me from Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualisations.

If you'd like to get this book click on the image...happy manifesting!!