It's that time of the year  where most of us have over indulged and fallen out of our (hopefully)  healthy routine. Here are some great tips to implement this year to have a healthier lifestyle. LITTLE RITUALS make life flow so much better!

  • MEAT FREE MONDAY'S Reduce risk of cancer, diabetes and obesity.

  • EAT LESS Most of us over eat so our digestion never gets a chance to catch up.

  • ORGASMS Have them. They improve energy, reduces stress and cortisol levels, improve sleep and release endorphins.

  • D.I.Y. VITAMIN WATER Keep a jug of water in fridge with sliced cucumber/lemons/limes and or berries/mint and lime. Top it up with more water every time you pour a glass. Makes hydrating fun!

  • LESS BOOZE Take at least four consecutive days every week where you do not drink alcohol. You will lose weight, increase your energy, enhance your mood and save heaps of money.


  • SPEND TIME IN NATURE OFTEN In Chinese Medicine this harmonises the Liver/Gall Bladder organs making everything flow smoothly.

  • ROAD TRIPS Get out of town. Go on mini weekend adventures and check out beaches, cute coastal towns (like Wombarra, Stanwell Park, visit my friend's cafe in Thirroul) and bush walks. You will be in the moment and it's great to experience new things. Don't get trapped in the cities- the more you leave, the easier it gets. Check out these walks near Sydney.

  • EXERCISE DAILY Find some things you love. I do weekly yoga, pilates, rock climbing and monthly bush walking/ outdoor climbs to keep me strong and balanced.

  • MEDITATE DAILY (check out the Headspace app). Get your body and mind connected, focused and grounded.


  • DIGITAL DETOX This one is so important- we are all getting hooked and need to have some control over this addiction.
    -Turn phone on flight mode by 8pm so you can wind down and relax.
    -Turn off notifications on your phone.
    -Reduce your use of social media.
    -If possible, check your email 3 times a day (rather than 40 times!) Try 9am, 1pm, 4pm.
    -Get a digital alarm for your bedroom and keep phone out in lounge or kitchen. We need to create healthy boundaries and cease bad habits like checking fb and insta in bed. The days you start with meditation or exercise flow so much better.

  • WARM LEMON WATER or apple cider vinegar to kick start your metabolism in the morning.

  • USE NATURAL CLEANING + BEAUTY PRODUCTS (that's obvious right?).

  • GRATITUDE DIARY Grab a cute book. Write 5 things you are grateful for each morning or evening e.g. fresh running water, those new shoes, that amazing meal you cooked, that great conversation or connection with new friend. This helps you focus on what is working in your life (the cup is full not empty). Also when you are focusing on the positive, there is no room for anxiety.

  • MONTHLY ACUPUNCTURE TUNE UPS Help balance your hormones, mind and body. Your body is an important machine and acupuncture tune ups keep everything running smoothly.

Hope you implement some of this into your lifestyle.

Here's to an abundant, happy, healthy 2019!